Along with shopping for your new iPhone, fall also means that it’s time to shop for a new, stylish 2023 Medicare plan. October 15th marks the start of the Annual Election Period (AEP) for “Medicare Season”.  AEP runs from October 15th through December 7th and provides Medicare beneficiaries the ability to make changes to their plan, switch plans or drop coverage all together.

 There have been some big updates and additions to old plans, with the release of some brand-new ones as well. One new thing for next year is that most advantage plans are offering vision, dental, and gym memberships included.

Just like picking a cell phone plan, the first thing to do this season is review your usage of your current Medicare plan this year and consider any other needs you may have next year. You want to make sure you have a plan that covers your needs along with getting some perks that fit your lifestyle. 

With the season being so short, reviewing plans can be overwhelming. But without a review, plan changes or cancellations can slip through the cracks leaving people with missing benefits or coverages on things that are important to them.

Fortunately, we live in an area that has an abundance of quality plans available, not to mention a plethora of fantastic hospitals to choose from.

If you would like help with this process don’t hesitate to reach out for a review.