Out of the Woods

Luckily for us investors the Great Recession of 2008 is fading away like a bad dream. However, some industries are still feeling the sting of that crash almost ten years later. Notably this time of year, Christmas tree nurseries are facing a national shortage because of limited planting in 2008 from low tree demand.

Fur trees take roughly 10 years to reach the ideal 7-foot height meaning that this is the year most growers will pay the price for the woes of the financial crisis. But like all good businesspeople, they won’t take a down year, they’ll just charge you more for a tree. So, if you plan on getting a tree it may be best to wait until clearance time at this point to make sure you don’t get gouged for low supply.

Luckily for us in the Northeast where we’re surrounded by evergreens this is less of a practical concern, but it’s amazing to think of the ripple effects a crash like 2008 can have even 10 years later.