Our Weekend Word

Volley for Serve

By nature, we tend to have short term memories.  With the housing bubble slowly fading out in the rearview mirror, investors have had calmer seas allowing for stomachs to settle.  But with the end of last year and the start to this one investors feel 2008 creeping up on them.

The market is fickle and changes just as investors start to get comfortable again. 


What in the world is happening with oil?

The World According to NIRP

Last year the Fed raised the federal funds rate for the first time since 2006.  While the raise was a measly 0.25%, it was a long overdue indicator of what seems to be a stable economy.  The rest of the world is in a different situation though.  Last month we saw the Japan join Sweden, Switzerland and Denmark in adopting a Negative Interest Rate Policy or NIRP in hope of jumpstarting their struggling economies.

Get in While the Gettin’s Good (File and Suspend Social Security)

Unfortunately, last November legislation went through closing two nice little loopholes in Social Security Claiming: File and Suspend, and claiming Restricted Spousal Benefits.

If you already know what those are, then all you need to know is: You can still elect to file and suspend until April 30, 2016!

The Hidden Bull

Many conclusions we draw in life are based on some reference point, a constant, whether we realize it or not. Like whether you think it’s “cold” today depends on what weather you’re used to.

It’s all about perspective.

So What Is a Stretch IRA?

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”  - Benjamin Franklin

Since I can’t take it with me, I would like to have as much say as I can in who gets the lion’s share of my legacy, my chosen heirs not the IRS.

Want to leave an inheritance to your kids and grandkids that can still grow when they get it? With some forward thinking on our part we can help you to do just that.  A “stretch” IRA can pull its tax benefits to the next generation.

History Rhymes

Continuing on with the theme of last week’s introductory Weekend Word we wanted to touch base on the market’s start to 2016.

In what has been a very trying past 10 months the S&P 500 has dropped 12.49% from its all-time high as of market close last Friday, much of which has occurred in January of this year. 


Embattled Compatriots,