Close to Home

Dear Readers,

This week we want to take the time to acknowledge and remember the victims of the Tree of Life Synagogue shootings. In the past years we’ve seen hate manifest itself in many areas of our country and now Pittsburgh is added to the list of communities tasked with dealing with tragedy on a personal level.

This week on the radio I heard a city official talking about the crumbling American dream and how a country built on the principle of religious freedom has lost its way. If you know your history, however, you’ll be sure to know that there has always been struggle or strife somewhere in this country for people to be able to live life as they see fit. There always has and always will be work to do to promote justice and peace in the world.

Wes, Aaron, and I discussed this tragedy and kept coming back to how important it is to stay grounded. With the constant bombardment of opinions from the TV and internet it is very easy for people to lose touch with those around them and forget the human aspects of being alive.

This happening in our home town is a reminder to us of the importance of being involved with the people and causes we care about, and not just watching them through our TV and phone or liking a post on social media. It’s a cheesy quote, but we really do have to make an effort to be the change we hope to see. And that change can start small within our family lives, with our friends and in our communities. These efforts can start the ripples that will cause change on a larger scale in our society and world one day.

If any of you have been affected or know someone who has been affected by this event you have our deepest condolences, thoughts, and prayers.

On the financial side of things, this month has been a tough one for global markets. Next week we’ll dive into some key market trends and talk about what we see as some rays of hope after a gloomy month. 

All the best,

Wesley R. Nicholson, Mike Allen and Aaron Everdyke