Party Pooper

One holiday that the pandemic didn’t seem to be able to squash last year was the 4th of July. Despite lockdown conditions and canceled firework displays, Americans found a way to still show their patriotism. They did this mainly by setting off a ridiculous 404.5 Million pounds of fireworks (I think my neighbors accounted for 1 Million of that), almost double the usual annual amount.

This year the pandemic has a new trick up it’s sleeve to kill the fun, supply chain issues. Fireworks distributors are experiencing these as much as anyone with much of their inventory held up in ports as it makes its way in from countries like China. This shortage is causing price increases of 15% to 35% according to The good news is that venues that do annual displays may still have their fireworks left over from last year that they were not able to use.

Whether or not people can get their hands on fireworks this year, I’m sure we’ll find an appropriate way to celebrate in the U.S. of A. These issues in the global supply chain, however, may not be so easy to work around. The most notable of these is the global microchip shortage which has significantly slowed the production of even the most popular vehicles like the Ford F-150 since the beginning of the year and that could definitely rain on some people’s Independence Day parade.

The pandemic couldn’t stop our fireworks so it took the next most American thing from us, the pickup truck. That is a low blow right there. It will be interesting to see what other kinks will need to be worked out as the global supply chain grinds its gears trying to meet post pandemic demand.

At least for right now I haven’t heard of any hotdog or beer shortages so we should make it through the weekend ok.

We hope you all have a great 4th of July weekend!