Hopefully Terrific, not Terrible Twos

Well, it’s that time again; we’ve entered 2018 and we are quickly creeping up on The Weekend Word’s second birthday.  The last two years have been interesting from our standpoint.  In early 2015 we wanted to have an outlet to discuss topical information that wasn’t boring or dry.  We ended up borrowing the idea from a fellow advisor here in the office and ran with it.  Let me tell you, while its far from a complex idea, in practice it’s a little more complicated.  From the get go we struggled to find our niche, attempting to blend pertinent news, with our take on it which resulted in some bland, ill constructed articles (Thanks for sticking with us through our awkward years).  Over time, with your feedback we have turned this into something we’re quite proud of. 

Your compliments and feedback make the struggle of sifting through the news, getting everything approved by compliance and sending it out in a timely manner something we look forward to instead of a chore.  So, we wanted to take the time again to reach out to you for feedback.  As we said last year, The Weekend Word is your newsletter and we want to continue to make it something you want and hopefully look forward to reading.  So please take the time to respond to this e-mail, give us your opinions good or bad and we will use it to improve.

It’s been an interesting ride so far and I hope you, like us are happy with the progression in our newsletter.  And, if you ever feel someone else might find this interesting please pass it on or direct them to our website (http://laurelfinancialgroup.com/contact-us) where they can request to be included in our weekly e-mail.