Rental Car Insurance

Every time you rent a car on a trip the friendly person at the desk asks if you would like to purchase insurance through them for your rental. If you’re like me, you wrestle with yourself for a minute (even though you have no idea if any of your other insurance covers anything) and begrudgingly agree.

Rather than blindly accepting next time, here are a couple questions you can ask your agent to find out if you should give in next time.

  1. Do comprehensive and collision coverage and deductibles extend to rental cars? If so, do they cover cars when stolen?
  2. Are towing or admin fees covered?
  3. Do you have off-premises coverage for personal items in your car?
  4. Does your auto policy have loss of income coverage? (For the rental car company)

Also, check with your credit card company to see if they offer any additional coverage. Many card companies include this in their travel benefits packages.

If you the coverages above are included in your existing policies you may not need to buy full coverage from your rental car company.

You may, instead, be able to obtain a LDW or loss damage waiver that can help cover costs your insurance does not.

For more specific questions contact your insurance agent, but be prepared next time you step up to the rental desk and you may be able to save yourself a few hard-earned dollars.