Our Weekend Word

Behind the Curtain

It’s the day after Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine and the Dow Is up almost 2%. Confused? We don’t blame you.

Be Prepared for 2022!

Here is the updated information you should take note of for 2022!

Tax Documents

It is 2022 and we all know what that means… tax time!  So we wanted to take the opportunity to detail 2021’s tax documents and their disbursement dates.

"He did it his Way"

All in all, person of the year seems pretty well deserved by Dr. Elon Musk, but such an accolade is a drop in the bucket for him. Like it or not, he is set on changing the world we live in and if some of the crazy things he’s drawing up work out, he’ll do a pretty effective job of that.

Ready Player One!

Back in the day a good book was the way to transport yourself to another place when you wanted to step out of the mundane daily grind. Then over the years that switched to the movies, and in the past 20 years that has moved on even further to the world of video games. But until this point, the places your favorite medium would teleport you to had one thing in common, they were fake! Made up by you or someone else and what existed in that world, stayed in that world.


Well with the advent of the blockchain, that may be about to change.

Singing a Different Tune

Well we finally hit the month where the Federal Reserve couldn’t keep reading from the script and Chairman Jerome Powell let the cat out of the bag on inflation.

There is a Hole in the Bubble!

Mankind has a long and storied history of letting ego get the best of us. There’s always someone who thinks they’ve got it all figured out and they’re smarter than everyone else. But unless you’re Elon Musk that rarely turns out to be true. The latest inductee into the Hall of Hubris in this sense is Zillow. Zillow thought they had created an algorithm that could predict the housing market and were using it to automatically purchase houses that it believed could be resold later for a profit. This didn’t quite work out as planned and led to a massive selloff of Zillow Group’s stock.

Like a Fine Wine

As the days get shorter and colder, a good glass of wine become a must to enjoy with the flavors of the season. Hmm, do I pick a nice dry Red? Or maybe a sweet White? Maybe feeling adventurous for a Rose?

This time of year presents a choice for more than just wine drinkers though as Medicare enrollees have to review their plans and make sure that their pairing is up to snuff for the upcoming year.

4 Reasons to Consolidate Retirement Accounts

Did you know Americans change jobs an average of 12 times in their lifetime? If you have changed jobs and left behind 401(k) accounts with prior employers, you know firsthand that managing retirement accounts spread among different custodians and financial services providers can be a big headache. Let’s look at four reasons why consolidating your retirement plan accounts may be the cure.

Retirement Milestones

Looking ahead to retirement is exciting for some and troubling for others. Regardless of what camp you fall in, there are some important Milestone ages you should look out for as retirement gets closer.