Our Weekend Word

The Roth Rule Reckoning

Roth’s options have always been a popular savings choice for younger investors, but with the new IRA inheritance rules that started in 2020 and the possibility of higher tax rates looming in the future, investing in a Roth has become even more popular.

While Roth IRA’s may be a great choice when they fit, don’t let current enthusiasm trick you into thinking that a Roth is always the answer. Roth IRA’s and 401(k)’s are actually some of the most complicated investment vehicles out there due to the underlying rules associated with these types of accounts.

Wall Street Whirlwind

We hope that you all enjoyed last week’s Weekend Word and gained a little bit of understanding as to what was/is happening with GameStop stock over the last month. Today we look to dive a little deeper into why people are so irate with Robinhood and Citadel Securities, so why don’t we quickly recap before getting into the juicy stuff.

GameStop Mania

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this week, you’ve probably seen something in the news about GameStop stock. The stock went on a meteoric rise from around $18.84 per share to $483 per share. This story, however, is much bigger than GameStop and how this happened is quite literally the stuff of legends.  We’re going to unpack this over a number of articles because the number of different topics this action brings up is pretty remarkable.

Dumpster Diving—The Low-Tech, Low-Cost Way to Steal Your Sensitive Information

Phishing, malware, hacks. Lately, it seems as if the tricks that cybercriminals use to try to access your sensitive information are endless. But even with all of the advanced threats and increasingly clever online scams, one of the simplest ways for identity thieves to obtain information is often overlooked—dumpster diving.

Steeler Meltdown

On the radio, many were purporting on what the Steelers needed to do to get better and some prominent voices were pulling to let Big Ben play out that last year of his contract. I tend to disagree with that idea. When the radio host was going through the options for keeping Ben around I wanted to scream out “what’s the point!?”.


While I was ranting to Aaron on the topic later that day, we realized that this situation is not unlike the ones we all find ourselves in trying to plan our financial lives.

Tax Documents

It is 2021 and we all know what that means… tax time!  So we wanted to take the opportunity to detail 2020’s tax documents and their disbursement dates.

Outlook 2021: Where We Are and Where We’re Headed

As we approach the beginning of a new year and consider what it may bring, it’s helpful to reflect on the one now behind us. After what has been a tumultuous year of unbelievable events and unprecedented circumstances, we’ve made it to a point where there may actually be more good news than bad.

SECURE Inheritance

2020 has been a difficult year for all of us, and on top of it, IRAs might now be the worst investment vehicle to inherit.

Fall Planning Checklist 2020

Health has been on the mind a lot in 2020 so in the spirit of having a positive mindset, here are some great steps to improve our financial health at the end of the year.

Election Uncertainty

As the election continues to play out—with Biden being declared the winner of the presidential race and the Republicans taking back some seats in the House and likely retaining control of the Senate—it’s a good time to evaluate what this might mean for your investments. To start, let’s look at how the markets have responded, so far, to the election results.