Our Weekend Word

Caring for an Aging Parent

Caring for aging parents can be a difficult planning aspect to balance. If you are among the “Sandwich Generation,” you may be trying to support your aging parents as well as your own children. Today, individuals are living longer than before, so it is better to be prepared.


We are pleased to inform our readers that our Associate Advisor, Michael Allen has earned his Retirement Income Certified Professional® (RICP®) professional designation from The American College of Financial Services, Bryn Mawr, PA.


The Fourth of July was this week and we hope you all had a great time with family and friends.  Nothing is more enjoyable than having your relatives over and hearing that one story you’ve heard 400 times for the 401 time.  My personal favorite is how someone had to walk up hill both ways, in either 3’ of snow or 110° weather. Unfortunately planning for retirement carries those same tales we’ve heard, again and again and at least one more time.  Now if you’ve been with us for a while there is no doubt you’ve heard us talk about “The Power of Investing Early!” or “The Power of Compounding!”. 

Buy or Lease

Ah, the age-old question. For years I’ve gone back and forth over this and, finally, having done both now, feel like I have a decent sense of when each option is appropriate.

Financial Aid Myths Debunked

Since we’re in college visit season, lets take some time to give some info on what can be a confusing and mysterious process: starting to pay for school.


The purpose of financial aid is to help bridge the gap between the cost of attending college and the amount that students and their parents can afford to pay. Unfortunately, many students forgo applying for financial aid because they mistakenly assume they won’t qualify. Don’t let these common myths dissuade you from applying for financial assistance or lead you astray during the application process.

Ready, Aim, FIRE!

The Millennials are at it again, they’re off trying to change the whole world at once and this time they’ve figured out a better way to do retirement. Figures…

There’s a growing movement amongst the young’uns called FIRE which stands for Financial Independence and Retire Early. And it’s basically the idea that you can retire somewhere around age 30 to 40 rather than the traditional 55 to 65 with some lifestyle changes. As a retirement planner the first time I read this I was extremely skeptical of this approach. Turns out, from a planning perspective, FIRE does have some good ideas baked in, but ignores some key concepts of retirement planning that could have these retirements burn out earlier than expected

Tax Considerations After a Family Member Death

Several kinds of taxes may be due shortly after a family member’s death. During this emotional time, it’s often worthwhile to employ a tax professional to alert you and the family to important deadlines. You can help the tax professional—and potentially save time and money—if you understand what needs to be done.

Reverse to keep moving forward

The finance industry is constantly changing.   Between regulations, technological improvements, product evolution and industry sentiments everything is seemingly in a state of flux.  

Industry sentiment is one that tends to be the most difficult to manage.  Everyone has thoughts and feelings and we don’t always agree, but occasionally these sentiments become magnified for better or worse.  One product has a long history of being disparaged, potentially unfairly.

More Than College Savings

By now, most people are familiar with 529 plans as a tax efficient way to save for college expenses. One thing that keeps people from contributing, however, is the feeling that you’re getting a raw deal if you don’t use the money for college.   

Burning Questions

In previous renditions of the Weekend Word we have discussed the various changes facing the industry and our general stance, and place with in them.  As these topics have become more prevalent more and more articles are being written about “Questions You Should Ask Your Advisor”.  So, we thought we would take the time today to answer some of those burning questions.