Our Weekend Word

One Size Fits All

You know there are so many ways that the one size fits all claim has let me down in life. From everything from hat sizes to lawn chairs, trying to make one size work just isn’t comfortable.

The world of investing has been trying to make a one size fits all claim for a couple years now with index investing. And I’m not saying Index investing is a bad thing, but like we’ve harped on for years now, no matter what you’re investing in you have to know what you’re buying.

Budgeting in Crazy Times

One of the really annoying things about trying to retire is that you have to figure out how much money you need to live on. Some people have a very good grasp on their monthly outlay, and for others this is a tougher exercise than organizing the sock drawer.

More Market Turbulence: What’s Going On?

After a record-setting August, we are now seeing some market turbulence in September. Markets were down significantly yesterday and are headed lower today. What’s going on?

Bezos's Billions

Two days ago, news outlets across the country were clamoring about a new landmark accomplished by humanity. Jeff Bezos became the first person to be worth $200 Billon dollars… that’s billion with a B. Now we see investment companies managing that kind of money on a regular basis and the government tosses Billions around like skittles, but seeing a person realize that sort of wealth makes us sit back and try to rationalize how big a number that actually is.

Does the Presidential Election Spell Risk for the Markets?

As the U.S. presidential election draws closer, there are growing questions (from both sides) on whether the outcome will negatively affect the markets. Of course, this is not unusual. As you may remember from the last election cycle, many predicted doom if Trump were to win. In the election before that, we saw similar worries concerning Obama. In both cases, despite the fears, the markets ended up doing quite well. Given this, what risks—if any—does the upcoming election pose for the markets? Let’s take a closer look.

One for the Photo Album

As many of you know I am originally from Rochester NY, so anytime my hometown hits the national news I take an increased interest. Well the past three weeks have been a rollercoaster ride if you’ve followed any of what’s happened with Eastman Kodak.  There is a lot going on so why don’t we recap?

The Fine Print on Social Security

Social Security is one of the biggest things on people’s minds when they approach retirement. Every 5 years we get a statement from the government with a nice large bold number on it that reaches out to us like a pat on the shoulder and says “Hey, you’re going to have some income in retirement” and that makes people feel pretty good.

The awkward thing about that is, depending on your retirement plans, that number is probably wrong…

Addition by Destruction?

We spend a fair amount of our time as financial planners meeting with portfolio managers, analysts, and company representatives to make sure that we are consistently monitoring the products we use.   The one thing we continually hear is critical to their stock selection is clean balance sheets, but if that’s the case how can some of the world’s most reputable brands waste thousands if not millions of dollars every year.

Too Much or Just Enough?

With the government going for another round of epic spending before it could pay off the last one, many fiscal conservatives have wondered if this time will be too much. 
Will flooding all of this money into the system eventually cause uncontrollable inflation and devaluation of money?

College Savings

We’re midway through July and despite the pandemic college tuition payments are creeping up quickly.  College is becoming an insurmountable and somewhat terrifying expense for many these days, but there are a few savings vehicles that can help us battle its high costs with the power of tax deferred growth.